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Introduction to 2012 Work


We are part of a scattered brotherhood/sisterhood.
Our work is an exchange in free association, anchored with gifted friends and colleagues 'everywhere'.

In the UK, Supervision Days in Sound Work, Interdimensional Living and Working and Meditation are arranged through our Centre of New Directions (www.lightcoloursound.com). The training programme in Sound Therapy and Spiritual Psycho-therapeutics is arranged through the Atman Academy (www.atmanacademy.co.uk). This is the teaching arm of the Atman Clinic which is managed by Geoffrey Montague-Smith who is a Trustee of White Lodge.
Geoffrey and Peter Goldman present the Training's together.

In Switzerland the work is organised by Rolf Gardi (www.interdimensional.net). He now introduces the Sound Work to Students for more personal use.
In Zurich we are with the Buchhandlung im Licht ( www.imlicht.ch ) and are part of a very interesting 'Kongress Spiritruelle Werte - Wege der Verankerung' being presented September 7/9. It is shared with Silvia Wallimann, Elisabeth Bond, Jana Haas, Michael J. Temura and Peter Goldman.
In Lucarno the Sound Training is presented by Annemarie Frei
( www.sculoa-itn.com ). Her Center is the Instituto di Terapie Naturalistuto.

In Vienna, Austria, we have become part of the work of Hans Gerber ( www.geistigeheilweisen.at ) who for many years has been teaching spiritual healing and philosophy.

In Stuttgart, Germany, Monika Bruker ( www.licht-klang-farbe.com ) presents the Sound and Spiritual Psycho-Therapeutic work as part of the activities of her Center.

In Muenster, Germany, the work is in association with Brigitte Ladwig who manages a Shiatsu School and is organised by the Sobi Institute (www.sobi-muenster.de )

In Holland Ingrid Huet organises our work ( www.arcoflight.net ). This year there is a Soul School with Elisabeth Bond and Peter Goldman June 14/17 'On Becoming a Universal Citizen'

In Norway, Ellen Agot Solberg ( ellenaagot@yahoo.no ) has her own Teaching Institute which complements all we are doing.

In Ireland Murt O'Brien continues to present 'the work' in his beautiful home overlooking Wicklow Bay.

In Israel, Sharon Kotzer, a busy Medical Herbalist, supports our work while managing the Bara Herbs Group. (www.bara.co.il)

In Montreal Paule Guerard (pauleforpeter@hotmail.com) has facilitated our work amongst groups that are like a world family in miniature. Along with her Psychotherapy Practice she is now teaching the Sound Work in French.

In Mexico, Safar Wisby does inspiring work in Self Awareness and Self Development and teaches the Sound Work in a country that is awakening rapidly to its spiritual destiny. (safardeva@hotmail.com)

Our Students are busy in many specialised areas world wide. Each one brings together their knowledge, experience and skills from a wide horizon of interdimensional encouragement. We are a part of their 'support team'.
All of us move forward together. Like minded souls sharing the mystery and adventure of their journeys.

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