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by Peter Goldman

MARCH 2018

The nature of survival emerges from the collective imprint of the primal experience of mankind in evolution amongst the emerging living processes. We incarnate into the prehistoric impress of the conflict of growth, instinctively seeking the balance between the gravity of the planet and the pull of the Sun. And as we can hold to this point of stillness as if between life and death so we experience our continuous sense of Self while flowing through the impermanence of outer form.
The Spiritual Student is ever challenged by the state of not being able enough to remember their histories. We find ourselves within the confusion of other lives and times and the values of where we are here and now.

It seems that until we review our life upon its completion, we are dependent upon moments of revelation and the art of conversation about the invisible. To be inspired by a great example is like being given permission to remember. Is karma more like an instruction to forget?

Must we always struggle against disturbing forces? Is our human nature like being born into the camp of our enemies? Who are these forces that guide the destiny of a nation or inspire the growth of an ideal?
If the Soul must master the human condition then why are our Teachings all archetypal legends over whose repetition we are ever in conflict? Life is uncertain by definition and terminal by fact.
A moment to glimpse the eternal and we are free of dogma. We are so close to perceiving the adventure of our timeless journey. Can you feel the excitement of our preparedness to remember……

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