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Letter December 2017-January 2018

by Peter Goldman

Dear Friends,
We look forward to 2018 as The Year of Discovering the Inner Teacher.
With the growth of an anchoring to the Higher-Self or Oversoul through the awakening heart, the light frequencies along this direct line are activating at a cellular level, a more universal sense of belonging.

Ronald Beesley talked of our ‘State of Being’ as many parallel levels of simultaneous experience where ‘the quality of ‘theWork’ that we share is through the merit of our State of Being.
One of the purposes of the series of Study Courses in Spiritual Psychotherapeutics he created, was for every Student to be accepted into the Inner School - which he spoke of as under the Spiritual Management. He encouraged that no more than two Courses should be taken in one year - as enough time was needed for the education to be assimilated and become continuous into life and through all the levels of an awakening consciousness.

With the ‘state of Being’ of mankind as a whole more unified and receptive to spiritual light-frequencies, we enter into the experiencing 0f a fourth dimensional consciousness.
This is a natural step in spiritual growth and collectively for all mankind it is gradually bringing a revolution in consciousness.
Earth science infused with spiritual frequencies opens mankind to a new normal within our State of Being. New perspectives into reality can spontaneously unfold. The challenge is about who or what may influence our consciousness. With receptivity to ‘new light’ there is a surfacing of ancient unresolved darkness. A corresponding measure of unredeemed history is attracted into the collective network of of the evolving ‘Family of Man’.
To bring the area in consciousness between the third and fourth dimensions fully under higher-light management becomes a task of the present-day Humanities.. This can for example become like an upsurge of ancient psychic light/dark struggle clothed in current forms of ‘man’s inhumanity’. In this sense history is being healed and a healthy interdimensional relationship emerges. Politics, economics, education and law are drawn into a higher octave. The partnership between man, nature and the Creator enriches the potential soul-growth within incarnation.
At White Lodge, the Colour work under the direction of the Light Scientists is very active in this sphere. Areas of collective deep subconscious fixation are being transformed. There is a purification of the relationship between races and peoples.
The activities of the Inner School and through direct and Sleep-state learning are more focussed through the receptive entry-points into transforming the shadows of repetitional history. A higher level of ‘free-will’ is gently emerging.

This is active through all the ways that we communicate and share.
Our experience of this comes through curiousity, originality and intuitively guided choices.
Even as technology takes over more areas of our lives, the higher-dimensional aspects of our Being are bringing new perspectives of responsibility.
This new year coming looks like a brilliant spiritual adventure in the making.
We wish each other well!

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