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White Lodge Letter - December 2015/January 2016

Dear Friends,
In the coming year the Theme for our talks and seminars is 'The Oversoul at Work - Employing Karmic Forces'. These impulses are showing more activity through the Colour Distant Treatment Programme and will form the resource for Light, Colour and Sound workshops and their influence into Interdimensional Living and Working.

This is all in response to the gathering of light impulses from the higher dimensions into the happenings in the world today. The flow is not direct but through the network of like minded people. They do not need to meet in the everyday and are yet joined through their state of heart/mind presence. It works through atmosphere and intention and is active through all aspects of society and every kind of position in life.
It does not in any way encourage division, opposition or conflict. Much more it works into the various levels of consciousness within their own areas of limitation and potential, to encourage the next stages of a broader and deeper vision.
This in turn allows the recognition of reaching across borders and developing further the multi-national flow of ideas and people through education, trade and social development. Even while much of this has a profit motive, upliftment more than exploitation will be the subtle encouragement.
The leadership in this is collective through common recognition and a sense of
free-will commitment, even while it can be active within a hierarchy of teamwork.
Even so, these are times of preparation for the new generations. We are busy establishing a supportive environment where the incarnating soul in remembering its universal self, can maintain its future vision. As these new men and women grow and take their places, they can naturally reach across and in their recognition, dissolve past resistant separative patterns.
All our teaching work is in support of the Student in these times and to encourage their attunement to the Inner School and their Higher Self.
It is with great joy that we share what we do within the work and lives of gifted people with many and varied skills. The common factor is the love, care and concern for all life and the desire to gain insight and understanding into the mystery and service of life's meaning.
We share with one who in their turn touches the lives of many others who spontaneously reach through their occupations into every kind of atmosphere.
The value in these times is in the parallel flow through every level of material and subtle experience - each in their own frequency and its relationship to all others. All moves forward together. Linear time becomes unified where what has taken many centuries can unfold even in one lifetime.
Our project in the coming months includes the refinement of communication through the web pages. We want to create a living exchange that can hold the interest of whoever is drawn to it. We will be looking forward to your feedback in due course!
We all join to send much love and light and many blessings into your life and work.

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